Why Robey's Peak Performance?

Our job as Peak Performance coaches is to help you get to where you want to be.

We all have a purpose, we all have dreams and we all want to live up to our full potential. Some of us believe we can and some of us don’t - and that’s the difference. If you believe you can, you can, and if you believe you can’t, you can’t. Positive beliefs make us strong and empowered, whereas negative beliefs hold us back and prevent us from being the person we'd like to be. We are all capable with the right mindset!

We often get stuck in patterns of behaviour that we either don't realise is limiting us, or we can’t see a way of changing. For every single thing we do, there's a strategy; from tying our shoes or eating dinner, to how we learn something new or conduct ourselves in relationships. When we first learn something, we have think about it consciously each time we do it. Over time, the learned behaviour becomes so ingrained that we no longer have to. The unconscious mind takes over. Think about when you were a child and learning to walk and talk. At the time, it was likely demanding and required all your focus. After lots of practice, it very soon became something you didn't need to think about. The conscious mind became free to focus on learning new things. This is true for both positive and negative strategies; those which are helpful and healthy for us, as well as those detrimental to us.

At Robey's Peak Performance, our job is to work out what's stopping you from reaching your potential and to develop a plan to help you get there. We help you to identify the positives and the negatives. We are trained to understand and adapt patterns of behaviour so we can eliminate what's holding you back and encourage what's pushing you forward.

Live your purpose, achieve your goals and unlock your full potential with a Robey's Peak Performance coach.


"Everyone is put here on the planet with a purpose, and my purpose is to help you find your purpose and to achieve your goals." - Brett Robey

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